The Style Of Manga In Art Colleges In New York

by Rob Sutter
If you are looking to get into the best art colleges in New York, some styles may jump out at you more than others. The ability to understand which one will be the best for you is not something that is the same across the board; to say the least, it’s subjective. It is worth looking into a variety of styles and I’d like to think that some budding artists will be more taken in by the lesser utilized styles. Manga, for instance, is tremendous for those who want to go for something different.

The styles that are most common seem to have certain elements of reality but what about those that don’t have many realistic aspects, if any at all? This is where manga can come into play and I feel as though it is a more niche category in the way of art. Emulated after the styleutilized in Japanese comic books, you may find that these particular pieces of work aren’t as common. Does this necessarily mean that it shouldn’t be considered at all?

Comic books are not new, as I’m sure those who specialize in them have taken part in learning from art colleges in New York. Wood Tobé-Coburn in New York, NY is a perfect example. There are a number of programs offered, fashion included, which means that those who enjoy design in general might want to consider this campus. Back to the subject of comics, though, the ones that we are familiar with are the ones that are rooted in American culture. Spider-Man, for example, is an American creation by Stan Lee. Comic fans have identified with this character, especially given the fact that he is one of the more popular figures that fiction has ever brought to us.

Manga is a bit different, though, and one of the reasons for this is because of how the popularity of characters translates from Japan to America. For example, “One Piece” is one of the more popular series overseas and it is one which garnered plenty of revenue there. However, it is more or less an underground series in America, which means that it is for a certain group of people. Not everyone will take to it but it’s apparent that there is a demand for it nonetheless.

What I’m surprised by, though, is that there are actually a few types of graphic novels in this style that appeal to America. “Scott Pilgrim,” for example, is a series that not many people would have considered outside of the movie starring Michael Cera. However, there is a series of novels done about it and there are many who believe that the novels in question are actually much better than the movies. There is clearly an audience for this type of medium; it’s just a matter of appealing to it.

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